Warner, Vivian and Pate

Date: June 7, 1994
Warner, Vivian and Pate

Interview 57b : In an interview with Marie Davis, life-long Diboll residents Pate and Vivian Warner describe their lives growing up in Diboll and the people they shared their town with. Pate and Vivian recall the different ethnic groups that lived in and around Diboll and how the residents interacted with each other. From the 1920's, Pate describes his memories of Italians, Native Americans, Gypsies, Slavonians, Mexican railroad crews, and African American and White children playing and hunting together. He recalls the white oak barrel staves the Slavonians made and sold, the Native Americans short-lived attempts at farming in the area, and the Gypsies as they traded horses, told fortunes, and sold willow furniture. They also reminisce about their childhood favorites, like the banana car that sold bananas to the townspeople before they were available at the local commissary, the shipments of oysters that would cause great excitement when they arrived in town, children playing all over town, the old calaboose and several criminals that attempted (and succeeded) escaping from this early jail, and the excitement that surrounded the arrival of Buster Brown and his bulldog.

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