Use Policies

Dupli­ca­tion Pol­i­cy and Fee Schedule

Dupli­ca­tion Policy:

The His­to­ry Cen­ter wel­comes requests to dupli­cate its his­tor­i­cal mate­ri­als, but places cer­tain con­di­tions on dupli­ca­tions. The His­to­ry Cen­ter does not sell repro­duc­tions, rather any fees paid by patrons are charged exclu­sive­ly for ser­vices and mate­ri­als expend­ed in dupli­ca­tion and in admin­is­ter­ing our his­tor­i­cal col­lec­tions. Repro­duc­tions made from The His­to­ry Center’s mate­ri­als may not be sold, loaned or in any way trans­ferred to any orga­ni­za­tion, library, or indi­vid­ual, nor may even­tu­al per­mis­sion for their use as source mate­ri­als for cita­tion be trans­ferred to any oth­er author or schol­ar. All dupli­ca­tion requests will be han­dled in the order they are received.

Per­son­al Cam­era Use Policy:

The His­to­ry Cen­ter will per­mit researchers to pho­to­graph mate­ri­als for per­son­al ref­er­ence and research pur­pos­es under the fol­low­ing conditions:

  • 1. Only hand-held portable cam­eras are allowed, using only avail­able light (no flash). No copy stands, tripods, or scan­ners are allowed.
  • 2. No extra­or­di­nary mea­sures allowed (such as stand­ing in chairs or remov­ing items from the read­ing room). Researchers will abide by the han­dling pro­ce­dures as out­lined in the reg­is­tra­tion agree­ment and will not place mate­ri­als in jeopardy.
  • 3. Researchers using cam­eras will not dis­turb others.
  • 4. Researcher accepts full respon­si­bil­i­ty for com­ply­ing with copy­right law.


  • Staff will make copies of archival and man­u­script mate­r­i­al at the rate of .50 per page, and will assist in copy­ing non-archival mate­r­i­al if need­ed. Staff may copy only 20% of any pub­lished material.
  • Some mate­r­i­al may be deemed too frag­ile to pho­to­copy, and staff reserves the right to deny requests to pho­to­copy such material.
  • Elec­tron­ic dis­tri­b­u­tion of pho­to­copies will be charged the same rate as paper copies, but the fee will be waived for an elec­tron­ic request of ten pages or less.
  • Non-elec­tron­ic mail requests for pho­to­copies will be charged an appro­pri­ate ship­ping and han­dling fee.
  • Advanced pay­ment is required for requests (elec­tron­ic or phys­i­cal copies and dupli­cates) exceed­ing $10.00.

Micro­film Copies

  • .50 each


  • Fine pig­ment ink prints on muse­um qual­i­ty mat­te paper
    Prints up to 8×10: $12 each
    Prints larg­er than 8×10 up to 12×18: $20 each
  • Elec­tron­ic files, TIFF or JPEG: $12 for each image sent via email or file shar­ing sys­tem. If mailed, an addi­tion­al fee will apply — ask staff for details.
  • All pho­to­graph­ic dupli­ca­tions sent by non-elec­tron­ic mail will accrue an addi­tion­al charge for ship­ping and han­dling. Please ask staff for details about spe­cif­ic charges.
  • Mon­ey must be received in advance for all pho­to­graph­ic dupli­ca­tion requests, unless approved oth­er­wise by the director.
  • Please allow 7 to 10 busi­ness days for pho­to­graph­ic duplication.

Pub­li­ca­tion, Broad­cast, Pub­lic Dis­play, or Pro­mo­tion­al Use Fees

  • Non-prof­it orga­ni­za­tions, major uni­ver­si­ty press­es, gov­ern­men­tal enti­ties, news media, or pri­vate indi­vid­u­als: no charge
  • For-prof­it orga­ni­za­tions and/​or projects: $30 per image per use.

Impor­tant Note:

Mate­ri­als in The His­to­ry Center’s col­lec­tions may be pro­tect­ed by U.S. Copy­right Law (Title 17, U.S. Code), which gov­erns repro­duc­tion, dis­tri­b­u­tion, pub­lic dis­play, and cer­tain oth­er uses of pro­tect­ed works. Please con­tact staff for any avail­able copy­right infor­ma­tion or for spe­cif­ic ques­tions. How­ev­er, the patron assumes the bur­den for observ­ing applic­a­ble laws of copy­right, lit­er­ary right, prop­er­ty right, and libel and will not hold The His­to­ry Cen­ter, Diboll, Texas, or any of its staff, trustees, or agents respon­si­ble for any breach thereof.

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