Sweeny, Jack C.

Date: April 24, 2012
Sweeny, Jack C.

Interview 248a : In this first of three interviews with Jonathan Gerland, Jack Cook Sweeny reminisces about his life as a Diboll native and the early years of his involvement with the Temple businesses. The son of Diboll native Lucille Cook Sweeny and Jack W. Sweeny and the great grandson of Dr. Cook, the town's first doctor and grandson of R.F. Cook, Mr. Sweeny's roots run deep in Diboll. He spent his early childhood in Diboll attending the schools and playing baseball and then his family moved to Pineland. He talks about the differences in the two towns and the difficulties of that move and remembers some of the issues surrounding Temple's takeover of Pineland's facilities. He reminisces about his school days in Pineland and his time at Tyler Junior College and Texas A&M and his early career working for Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation and then his new position as a salesman for Temple in Tyler and Dallas. Mr. Sweeny then talks about his career with Temple through the 1970's and discusses the changes that came with the acquisition by Time, Inc. and then the eventual spin-off. He mentions R.F. Cook, Dr. Cook, Eck Prud homme, Arthur Temple, Jr., Temple Webber, Harold Maxwell, Henry Holubec, Joe Denman, and Kenny Jastrow, among others. He also discusses Southern Pine Lumber Company, Texas Southeastern Railroad, Time, Inc., Temple-Eastex, Temple Industries, Temple-Inland, U.S. Plywood, and Champion.

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