Samuel, Rueben “Jellie”

Date: February 14, 2005
Samuel, Rueben “Jellie”

Interview 160b : In this interview/speech at the February 2005 Angelina County Historical Commission Meeting, Rueben "Jellie" Samuel reminisces about his days as a member of the Diboll/Southern Pine Lumber Company African-American baseball team in the 1940's. Mr. Samuel played for both the Dragons and the Eagles. He recalls practicing on Sunday and traveling around the area playing other company teams. Mr. Samuel also tells how he became associated with peanut patties and how his team dealt with several different managers, one of whom stole their money. He recounts one of his favorite memories, the game between his team and the North Dakota All-Stars, where they packed the white stadium in Diboll. Jonathan Gerland, Johnny McClendon, Bettie Kennedy, and Carol Riggs also take part in the interview.

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