Miller, Alan

Date: October 19, 2007
Miller, Alan

Interview 171a : In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, long-time Temple Public Affairs director Alan Miller discusses his life and career before coming to East Texas to work for Temple and then his experiences in Diboll. He reminisces about his time in the Navy, radio-broadcasting working for the Yakima, Washington Chamber of Commerce and the American Forest Products Association and for U.S. Plywood. He discusses shutting down the town of Camden for U.S. Plywood and moving the townspeople to Corrigan using FHA housing and distributing the W.T. Carter locomotives. He then moves to talking about his twenty years at Temple, starting in 1970, and mentions Clifford Grum, Joe Denman, and Arthur Temple, Jr. He also discusses the failed U.S. Plywood merger, the successful merger with Time and Eastex and eventual spin-off. Mr. Miller's time in Public Affairs saw the new campaigns that stressed Temple's desire to be a good neighbor and have responsible forest stewardship and the necessary split between corporate and government affairs with the new complexities in environmental regulations. Mr. Miller spends a lengthy part of the interview talking about working with Arthur Temple, Jr., his treatment of this company and employees, and his visions for both.

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