Hunt, Sellestine

Date: July 11, 2007

Interview 231a : In this interview with R. L. Kuykendall, Sellestine Hunt recalls her childhood and education, mostly spent in East Texas. She mentions attending segregated schools in Houston and then moving back to Lufkin after her parents separation, where she continued attending segregated schools. She talks about how her parents had very little education, yet worked hard and succeeded in their jobs and provided opportunities for their children. Mrs. Hunt recalls her mother's job at the Cook hotel in Lufkin. She also recalls several incidences of racial discrimination during the 1960's, particularly at Perry Brothers and at Cook's in downtown Lufkin. She reminisces about being in the band and playing tennis and being a cheerleader at Dunbar school in Lufkin and talks about how she may have had a few more opportunities to participate in activities than her fellow African American students who chose to attend Lufkin High School during the Freedom of Choice portion of the beginning of integration. She did not have to compete with white students, who were often given an advantage in academics and extracurricular activities in the integrated schools. She fondly recalls Principal Franklin at Dunbar, who encouraged her to read more.

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