Hamrick, Joe

Date: March 19, 2015
Hamrick, Joe

Interview 272a: In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, former Scrappin’ Valley Wildlife Manager, Manager of Forestry Practices and Principles, and Manager of the Natural Forests, Joe Hamrick discusses his career at Temple Inland. Beginning in Scrappin’ Valley in 1983, Mr. Hamrick was responsible for managing the wildlife, including white tail deer, elk, axis deer, quail, turkey, wild horses, nilgai antelope, and sika deer. He also managed the lodge and was responsible for the company hunts that would take place in Scrappin’ Valley. He discusses management of the wildlife, the forests, and the people, as well as the visitors (including Arthur Temple, Jr. and family, politicians, salesmen, and entertainers) who enjoyed hunting, fishing, chili cook-offs, and trap and skeet shooting. Mr. Hamrick also discusses Red Cockaded Woodpecker habitat and management, compliance with the Endangered Species Act, working to manage special parts of the forest, and complying with environmental standards in forest management such as stream side and aesthetic management zones. He mentions John Booker, Daryl Stanley, Clifford Grum, and Dan Lay.

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