Cook, Dixie

Date: March 31, 2011
Cook, Dixie

Interview 220a : In this interview with Patsy Colbert, long-time teacher and Nacogdoches County native Dixie Cook reminisces about her life in the classroom in Diboll and Pasadena. She began teaching in Diboll at the request of Mr. Pate in 1943 before finishing her degree at Stephen F. Austin and continued to teach for 40 years, eventually finishing her bachelor's degree and earning a master's degree. Mrs. Cook talks about teaching in Diboll before racial integration and after integration, but during the process since she lived and taught in Pasadena at the time. She mentions Robert Cook, Lucille Cook, Jack Cook Sweeny, discipline in the classroom, Mr. Ramsey, O'Hara Chandler, Mr. Pate, Joe Paul Stovall, and her work with the American Diabetes Association.

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