Capps, Billie Jean

Date: May 10, 2010
Capps, Billie Jean

Interview 193a : In this interview with Patsy Colbert, long-time Diboll teacher Billie Jean Capps reminisces about her 38 years in local education. The interview focuses on the integration of Diboll's schools, and Mrs. Capps discusses her experiences as an elementary teacher during that process. Mrs. Capps talks about Mr. Pate and the other administrator, the details involved with combining classes and teachers, and the attitudes of fellow teachers and parents. She mentions Odyessa Wallace and the Masseys, Valerie Anderson, and Odyessa Bray. Mrs. Capps grew up in the area and graduated from Diboll High School, and offers the perspective of someone who as observed the local schools as a student, teacher, and parent.

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