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Mann Family Collection

In 2002, Elizabeth Plummer Carter sent digital reproductions of photos of her grandparents and their family to The History Center. Dr. D. A. Mann was a doctor in Diboll, Texas from roughly 1906-1917. This collection contains Mann family photographs focusing on D. A. Mann, his wife Alma Sturrock Mann, and children Bertha, Eunice, Eddith, and Mary. Mrs. Carter was Bertha Mann Plummer's daughter.

Dr. D.A. and Alma Sturrock Mann

The Mann Sisters

The Mann Sisters

Front row, left to right: Eunice, Mary, Bertha
Back row: Edith

Bertha Viola Mann

Bertha Viola Mann Graduation Photo

Bertha Mann Birthday on Bridge

Bertha Mann Birthday on Bridge

For more information on this photograph, clear here to see the entry in our East Texas Railroad Photograph exhibit.

Mann Family at Home in Ward, LA

Mann Family Home in Diboll, TX

Tulane Medical School Class of 1906

The Mann Girls and Friends Around Their Playhouse in Diboll

Five Girls Playing Dress-Up in Diboll

Girls Playing on the Mann Family Porch in Diboll

Students at San Antionio Female College, 1911

Students at San Antionio Female College, 1911

From the note on the back of the photo, this photo was found in Alma Sturrock Mann's things, by her daughter Bertha.  Ruth Weise is 5th from left. 

Diboll's White Students and Teachers in front of the school building, early 1900's.

An Unidentified Woman, Possibly in Diboll

Earl Cromwell's Poem to Dr. Mann

Earl Cromwell's Poem to Dr. Mann

After Dr. Mann and his family moved to Beaumont, he would occasionally visit Diboll and was always warmly welcomed whenever he returned.  This poem and drawing by Earl Cromwell pay tribute to one of his return visits.