Winston, Virginia

Date: July 24, 2020
Winston, Virginia

Interview 296a: In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, Angelina County native Virginia Winston reminisces about growing up in Keltys in the 1930’s and helping to build her family’s businesses and raise her family in Lufkin. The daughter of Simon and Lucille Henderson, she grew up in Keltys with her four siblings and after college married John Winston. Together they built businesses spanning the oil industry, timber, land, construction, and real estate. She recalls going to the local school in Keltys as a child and also the integration of Lufkin’s school when her children were students. She also speaks about the Kurth and Wiener families, who invested in the many of the same companies as her father, such as the papermill in Lufkin, Angelina County Lumber Company, and Lufkin Industries.

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