Stanley, Darryl

Date: October 15, 2014
Stanley, Darryl

Interview 269a: In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, former Temple Inland wildlife manager Darryl Stanley reminisces about his career in parks and recreation and wildlife management, including time spent with the parks departments at the City of Houston (Houston Zoo and associated parks) and the City of Baytown and 29 years as a wildlife manager for Temple Eastex and Temple Inland. After working for the two cities and receiving a degree in recreation and parks management, he moved to work for Temple managing the wildlife at Scrappin’ Valley and in other areas where the company managed the wildlife. He managed deer and quail and monitored the hunting, logging, and planting programs, including management of endangered species like the red cockaded woodpecker. He was a go-between when foresters wanted to cut trees in this area and had to determine if it was a risk to the managed wildlife populations. He also talks about hunting parties at Scrappin’ Valley and Boggy Slough and Bruni, relations with environmental groups, balancing the needs of hunters, wildlife, and loggers, the changes in the industry’s relationships with environmentalists, and the changes in the company’s management of Scrappin’ Valley and Boggy Slough.

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