Rodriguez, Frances Miranda

Date: October 5, 2022
Rodriguez, Frances Miranda

Interview 302a: In this interview with Emily Hyatt, Frances Miranda Rodriguez discusses growing up in Diboll, attending school, taking piano lessons, and going to church as a child. She recalls growing up in a large Hispanic family that moved from Fastrill to Diboll just before her birth and how they all fit in with Diboll’s white population. She also discusses competing in the Spelling Bee in elementary school, piano lessons with Mrs. Purdy, and how hard her parents worked to raise their 11 children. She reminisces about business school, moving to Houston, meeting her husband, and raising her children while working in the real estate and legal fields. People mentioned are Rosa Miranda, Mrs. Purdy, Fanny Farrington, Mrs. Joe Carter Denman, Mrs. Stancil, and other teachers from Diboll.

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