Ligon, Jim

Date: November 6, 2009
Ligon, Jim

Interview 185a : In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, Diboll native Jim Ligon reminisces about growing up as part of Diboll's black community during the Great Depression and in the 1940's. He talks about his father's restaurant, The Froggy Bottom Café, the boxers and performers like Count Basie that visited the café, and his famous barbeque. He recalls his years in the segregated school, especially Professor and Mrs. Bradley and their contributions, and his other teachers. He speaks about his time living in Seattle with his brother, where he experienced an integrated society for the first time riding a bus and sitting anywhere he wanted, as well as attending school and working at Bowing with whites and other races. Mr. Ligon also talks about race relations in Diboll, particularly Jay Boren, the quarter boss or special ranger that had a quasi-law enforcement job in Diboll.

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