Lenderman, Barley

Date: August 10, 2011
Lenderman, Barley

Interview 230a : In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, longtime Angelina County Airport employee and manager Barley Lenderman reminisces about his career with the airport. Starting during high school in 1972, Mr. Lenderman spent his entire working life at the Angelina County airport, going from mowing and bush hogging the grounds to bookkeeping to assistant manager to manager. He spent 30 years as the airplanes and the field of aviation changed. He talks about the changing aircraft types, the changes in rules and federal regulations and personnel, getting a instrument landing system, lengthening the runways to accommodate larger planes, and the rises in fuel costs. Mr. Lenderman discusses the famous (and infamous) airport visitors, reminisces about commuter air service to Lufkin, and talks about the famous airport café.

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