Joshua, Laverne

Date: August 4, 2011
Joshua, Laverne

Interview 229a : In this interview with Patsy Colbert, Laverne Joshua reminisces about growing up as an African American girl in Diboll and experiencing the racial integration of Diboll Schools. She recalls several racially motivated instances of fighting and name calling at the high school but says everyone settled into the new routine after the first several years. She speaks highly of her mother, crediting her with the motivation to ignore the cruelty, find the good in most people and get her education. She speaks of the positive impact of Mr. Massey, Mr. Ramsey, Mrs. Odessa Wallace, Coach Spencer, Coach Porter, Coach Simmons, Cindy Maddux, and Mary Ingram. She also talks about her brothers Clay and Thomas and their experiences with integrated football (Thomas) and Little League Baseball (Clay). Ms. Joshua also recalls helping raise money for Diboll Day, particularly the year Debra Washington was the first African American Diboll Day Queen after integration.

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