Dolben, David

Date: September 22, 2015
Dolben, David

276a: In this interview with Jonathan Gerland, David Dolben recounts his career at Time, Inc., particularly his time spent in Diboll as an assistant to Arthur Temple, Jr. He describes the relationships between the New York and Diboll offices and the Diboll and Evadale operations, the problems they encountered, and the decisions they made, and the unique challenges presented by paper mill, the building products operations, and the media operations based in New York. He explains some of the reasons for Time’s acquisition of Temple and for the eventual spin-off. Mr. Dolben is particularly interested in describing Arthur Temple as a businessman and as a man, recounting stories about his interactions with people from all walks of life and his attitude toward business, his employees, and his family. In addition to Arthur, he mentions Mike Buckley, Andrew Heiskell, Charlie Stillman, Jim Shepley, Kenneth Nelson, Walter Stern, Mike Dingman, Earnest Grossman, Henry Holubec, Joe Denman, Harold Maxwell, and Lottie Temple.

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