Finding Guides are tools that allow researchers to get an in-depth look at a collection before actually seeing the collection.

Finding Guides

Finding Guides are tools that allow researchers to get an in-depth look at a collection before actually seeing the collection. Not all collections have finding guides, and not all finding guides are available on the website. Finding guides are created as collections are processed, with special attention given to the most used and requested collections. Here are our online finding guides available so far.


Temple, Alice Monroe Gresham, Photographs, c. 1880s-1910s.

.25 cubic feet (1 box)

The Alice Monroe Gresham Temple Photographs consist of forty-seven copy prints depicting the families of John Newton Temple and William Temple, who were early leaders of the Southern Pine Lumber Company.

Temple, Arthur, Jr., Business Papers, 1943-2006.

383 cubic feet (381 boxes, 9 artifacts, 2 oversize boxes, 2 oversize folder

383 cubic feet of the Arthur Temple, Jr. (1920-2006) Papers, dating from 1943-2006. The bulk of the content is characterized as correspondence. Though everything within this correspondence series is not strictly "correspondence" it is apparent from it's original order that these were office files containing documents received by Arthur Temple's office, meant for his notice, or documents that were produced by Arthur Temple’s office to be sent to others. The term correspondence is used to encompass all documents received in his office and filed alphabetically by subject. Other series include Financial Documents, Paid Bills, and Reports spanning roughly the same time period.

Temple, Arthur, Sr. Letters, 1939-1951.

approx. 750 letters.

Arthur Temple (1894-1951) was the manager and head figure of the Southern Pine Lumber Company, Temple Lumber Company, and other Temple family lumber interests from 1935-1951. This is a collection of correspondence copied to his son and successor Arthur Temple, Jr., with the intention to educate him on the daily issues involved in the operation of the family lumber business. The collection was compiled by Temple, Jr. and documents daily operations and management of company sawmills in Diboll and Pineland, company policies, politics, East Texas roads, forest management, and personal business.

Temple Associates Box Factory Records, 1944-1956.

2.5 cubic feet (6 boxes)

Temple Associates Box Factory operated in Diboll, Texas from 1951 to roughly 1959, manufacturing ammunition boxes from 1951-1953 for the Korean War. The company employed a large number of women. This collection contains correspondence, financial records, blueprints, specifications and provisions, vouchers, and tax records documenting the company’s box production and employees.

Temple, Buddy, Legislative Records, 1962-1984.

33 cubic feet (32 boxes)

Arthur "Buddy" Temple III, son of lumber businessman Arthur Temple, Jr. and Mary McQuiston, represented District 6 in the Texas State House of Representatives from 1973-1980. The Buddy Temple Legislative Records consists of general correspondence, constituent correspondence, clippings, audio and video tapes, photographs and slides, campaign memorabilia, plaques and artifacts, legislative journals, legislative bills, subject files, publications, campaign finance records, and information on House members. These records document Temple's service as a state representative.

Temple, Buddy, Railroad Commission Records, 1970-1986.

6.5 cubic feet (8 boxes)

Arthur "Buddy" Temple III served in the Texas House of Representatives from 1973-1980, served on the Railroad Commission of Texas from 1981-1986, and was a Democratic candidate for governor in 1982. This collection documents his campaign for Railroad Commission of Texas, his tenure on the commission, and his gubernatorial campaign against Mark White in the Democratic primaries.

Temple Elementary Collection

2 cubic feet

The H.G. Temple Elementary collection documents Diboll’s Temple Elementary from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.  While it contains photographs from all three decades, the bulk of the images are from the 1990’s.  The collection also contains Diboll High School and Diboll Elementary yearbooks and memory books.

Temple, Ellen Clarke Papers, 1960’s-2010

40 cubic feet

Ellen Clarke Temple is an historian, writer, publisher, activist, conservationist, and philanthropist from Lufkin, Texas. She was married to businessman and politician Arthur “Buddy” Temple, III until his death in 2015. This collection contains correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, research, and other materials from Temple’s involvement with various organizations from the 1970s to the 2000s. Notable organizations include Temple’s own company Ellen C. Temple Publishing, the Foundation for Women’s Resources (FWR), the Texas Committee for the Humanities (TCH), the University of Texas (UT), the Fairchild Foundation, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (LBJWC), the Philosophical Society of Texas, and the History Center. Additionally, this collection documents Temple’s personal life, political interests and involvement, and research.

Temple Estate Papers, 1879-1952.

3.25 cubic feet (7 boxes)

Thomas Lewis Latané (T. L. L.) Temple, born in Virginia in 1859, founded the Southern Pine Lumber Company and Texas South-Eastern Railroad in 1894 and 1900 respectively, and was one of the most successful lumbermen in East Texas. Upon his death in 1935, his will established a trust to provide financial assistance to former employees who had been injured and their families. This collection contains correspondence, legal agreements and instruments, estate valuation statements, real estate records, income tax records, and canceled checks documenting the administration of Temple’s estate and the establishment of his trust.

Temple Family Book Collection, 1806-1912.

2.5 cubic feet

The Temple family, through Thomas Lewis Latané Temple, has had a profound impact on Diboll, Texas and the East Texas lumber industry. This collection contains 19th and early 20th century books owned by early members of the Temple and Lewis families, reflecting their careers as ministers, doctors, and students, as well as revealing their personal interests.

Temple Family Collection, 1826-1985.

2.5 cub feet (4 boxes)

The Temple Family Collection is an artificial collection compiled from several members of the Temple family. The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, research notes, railroad passes, and artifacts focusing on family genealogy.

Temple Foundation Records, 1955-1971, bulk 1955-1962.

2 boxes

Records of the Temple Foundation, which was formed by members of the Temple family and Southern Pine Lumber Company officials in order to provide charitable assistance to members of the community and former workers that fell through the cracks of early pension plans. The collection consists of case files containing correspondence, history forms, and notes pertaining to individuals who received financial assistance from the foundation.

Temple Industries Corporate Office Collection, 1978-2006

0.33 cubic foot

The corporate office building in Diboll was originally conceived in 1977 to be the headquarters of Temple-Eastex. Chairman Arthur Temple, Jr. and President Joe C. Denman hired architects Ernest Grossman and Don McClarty to build a new headquarters that reflected the East Texas environment, pay homage to the trees that sustained the company, as well as showcase its status as a Time, Inc. subsidiary. This collection contains correspondence, site plans, architect proposals, and budgets for the construction of the new corporate office in 1980, the satellite building in 1988, and renovations completed in 2006. Additionally, there is a list of office staffing counts from 1980 to 1993.

Temple-Inland Land Department Surveyor Field Notebooks, 1913-1990

42 cubic feet

Ownership of vast amounts of East Texas and Western Louisiana forestland was a major component of the Temple Companies business for much of the 20th century.  The land allowed them to cut their own timber and also provided capital.  One of the main jobs of the members of the Land and Timber Department was to maintain a record of the company’s lands and the lands it acquired and sold throughout the years.  The company’s surveyors recorded their work in field books, which were kept in the Land department until the sale of the company’s lands in 2007.  These field books recorded the boundaries of the company’s lands and were useful for logging purposes, but also for tax, real estate, mineral rights, and legal claims.  These books were carried by the individual surveyors and reflect the surveying style of each man who carried and used them.  In this collection, each book is described using the surveyor’s notes; the county and the names of the original title holders and abstracts are listed, as are some of the towns, landowners, railroads, and mineral companies.  They are roughly divided by surveyor, but their numbering and order is the same as it was when the collection was in use by Temple-Inland. 

Temple-Inland Video Collection, 1970-1991

0.25 cubic foot

TRUS Joist Corporation was formed as part of TJ International, a company that started operations in 1960. They created a film in the 1970s discussing the future of timber and the day of “the last big tree.” Temple-Inland, a subsidiary of Time, Inc. acquisitioned one of these films. Additionally, Temple-Inland produced some of their own films, with topics including but not limited to, forest management and financial services. This collection contains three VHS tapes owned by Temple-Inland. Two of the tapes were videos created by Temple-Inland, and one tape was made by TRUS Joist Corporation.

Temple, Josephine Bond, Papers, 1890s-1950s.

2 cubic feet

Josephine Bond Temple was born in Texarkana, Arkansas on December 21, 1918, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bond. She met Thomas Lewis Latané Temple III, who went by Latané, in 1938 and they married February 17, 1939. This collection primarily consists of correspondence from Latané Temple to his wife during his service in World War II, as well as photographs of members of the Bond family and letters from their children.

Temple, Latane, Papers, 1803-1984.

36 cubic feet

Latané Temple, born Thomas Lewis Latané Temple III in Houston, Texas, was an East Texas businessman who was employed by the Temple Cotton Oil Company, Southern Pine Lumber Company, and eventually was general manager of the Great Texas Lumber Company. This collection contains correspondence, business records, photographs, poems, journals, books, genealogy materials, military artifacts, newspapers, awards, editorials, newspaper columns, comics, and political material documenting Temple’s education, military career, business activities, and personal interests.

Temple, Lottie Wimp, Papers, 1930s-1995.

14 cubic feet (15 boxes)

Lottie Wimp Temple was the personal secretary and wife of Arthur Temple, Jr., a successful East Texas businessman in the lumber industry and other interests. This collection consists of correspondence, annual reports, and political materials documenting Lottie Temple’s work for the Diboll Insurance Agency, her involvement in Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1964 presidential campaign, and her management of Arthur Temple’s business interests and activities, and her interaction with members of the Diboll community.

Temple Lumber Company Records, 1903-1985.

146.25 cubic feet

Temple Lumber Company of Pineland, Texas, organized by Thomas L. L. Temple in 1910, was the sister sawmill operation to Temple's Southern Pine Lumber Company in Diboll. It produced hardwood and pine lumber, hardwood flooring, toilet seats, chopping blocks, studs, plywood, and particle board. This collection documents company land transactions, lumber production, employees, railroad rights of way and tram road construction, financial activities, taxation, company stores and inventory, and other businesses in early Pineland.

Temple Lumber Company Retail Scrapbooks, 1914-1964.

1.5 cubic feet (3 boxes)

The Temple Lumber Company Scrapbooks consist of three scrapbooks of photographs and clippings documenting the activities, employees, and subdivision development of the company’s retail lumber yards throughout Texas. The company served as the "retail division" of the Southern Pine Lumber Company. The collection documents both the Temple Lumber Company and successor Great Texas Lumber Company.

Temple, Revered Henry Waring Latane, and Dr. Augstine Warner Lewis Collection, 1790-1945.

3 cubic feet (6 boxes)

The Reverend Henry Waring Latane Temple and Dr. Warner Lewis Papers predominantly consists of sermons given by Episcopal minister Henry Waring Latane Temple, as well as 19th century books on religion, philosophy, and education owned by Temple and physician Augustine Warner Lewis. Included are a few of Lewis's medical notebooks and lab books with a focus on chemistry.

Temple, William, Family Photogrphs, 1896-1920.

.25 cubic feet (1 box)

The William Temple Family Photographs consist of a photograph album depicting William Temple and his wife Laura Howard Gresham Temple, as well as T. L. L. Temple and several unidentified family and friends. Also included are copy prints of a photograph of Henry Gresham Temple and his brother Charles Newton Temple as children on a steamboat near Fulton, Arkansas.

Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company Photographs and Records, 1911-2002.

1.5 cubic feet (3 boxes)

The Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company was founded by T. L. L. Temple in 1900 in Diboll, Texas to serve Temple's East Texas lumber operations. From 1900-1996, it was primarily used to transport forest products to and from the Diboll mill, connecting to the mainline St. Louis & Southwestern Railway in Lufkin. This collection consists of photographs depicting TSE's locomotives, freight cars, employees, constructing track of the Lufkin Z&OO zoo railroad, and transporting Engine 22 to the Texas State Railroad, as well as business papers providing histories of TSE's locomotives, the Pineywoods Special, and records from the company’s last year hauling freight from Diboll to Lufkin.

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Local Passenger Tariff No. 2, 1915

This February 8, 1915 passenger tariff of the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company shows passenger fares for the stations along the TSE main line. It also includes information on baggage rates.

Local Passenger Tariff No. 7, 1937

Local Passenger tariff No. 7 of the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company, showing fares for points along the TSE main line. Includes information on baggage rates. Issued on September 20, 1937.

St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company Time Table, 1941

This is an employee time table for the St. Louis Southwestern Railway Company of Texas, Texas Division. It depicts freight and passenger train schedules for all sub-divisions within the Texas Division, which includes sub-divisions for Dallas, Waco, Tyler, Commerce, Sherman, Fort Worth, Lufkin, and Gatesville. Most sub-divisions have corresponding special instructions that pertain to scheduling and policies at specific stations. Also included is a map of the entire Texas Division and a roster of district and regional surgeons and dentists. The time table is dated May 11, 1941.

Time Table No. 20, 1925

This August 30, 1925 employee time table shows the daily Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company train schedule for the Lufkin District and the Diboll-Vair District. Other information includes special instructions for employees and track connections with railroads St. Louis Southwestern Railway; Houston, East and West Texas Railway; and the Groveton, Lufkin and Northern Railway.

Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company Records, 1902-1991.

67 cubic feet (49 boxes, 6 oversize boxes, 112 volumes)

The Texas-Southeastern Railroad Company, incorporated on September 22, 1900 and chartered on October 9, 1900, was a short line railroad connecting Diboll, Texas with Lufkin, Texas. It was founded by T. L. L. Temple of the Southern Pine Lumber Company, and was primarily used by the company to transport forest products to and from the Diboll mill, connecting to the mainline St. Louis & Southwestern Railway in Lufkin. Today (in 2010) the railroad is fully owned by Temple-Inland, Inc., it no longer maintains track to Lufkin, and it primarily provides switching services for various industrial plants at Diboll, connecting with the Union Pacific. This collection contains legal documents, contracts, financial records, timebooks, minutes, printed material, freight correspondence, profile maps, retirement plans, and annual reports filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission, State Tax Board, and Railroad Commission of Texas. It also contains similar records of the Lufkin, Hemphill & Gulf Railway Company and Southern Pine Lumber Company due to their relationships with the TSE.

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Abandonment of the Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway Company, 1937-1939

This set of correspondence describes the abandonment of the Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway Company, dated 1937-1938. The letters discuss liquidation, debt, and the right of way. After Temple Lumber Company's (formerly Knox Lumber Company) Hemphill sawmill burned in April of 1937, the Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway was subsequently abandoned in December the same year.

Correspondence on the Purchase of Engine 13, 1920

A collection of correspondence between Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company and Baldwin Locomotive Works officials regarding the purchase of locomotive 13. The letters date from March-September 1920.

Frank Moffitt, 1907

This document shows Mrs. Frank Moffitt, for the consideration of $250, releasing Southern Pine Lumber Company and Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company of any claims against the companies for the death of her husband. Sam H. Townsend of Lufkin is the attorney. Dated June 10, 1907.

Interstate Commerce Commission Docket - Abandonment of Operations along Texas State Railroad Right o

This Interstate Commerce Commission docket records the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company's application to abandon operations along the Texas State Railroad right of way between Rusk and Palestine in 1969. Includes a map related to the application.

J. B. Cameron, 1910

Correspondence and a release of claims document pertaining to the death of J. B. Cameron at the Southern Pine Lumber Company sawmill in Diboll. The Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company pays Cameron's family $600 for the release of further claims, and T. L. L. Temple pays $703.75 to A. Cameron to aid his college expenses at the University of California. Included are affidavits of Tom Steed and Oscar Buffaloe describing J. B. Cameron's accident. Dated 1910

Jeff Smith, 1909

An acknowledgment that Jeff Smith received $55 from the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company for time lost as a result from injury inflicted while employed by the railroad. The document also states that the railroad will continue to pay Smith for additional time lost until Dr. D. A. Mann allows Smith to return to work. Dated October 5, 1909.

Johnny Thompson, 1914

Affidavits of Oscar Stevens, Ed Baucum, C. Curry, Frank H. Laing, and Jess Morris describing the accident that resulted in the death of Johnny Thompson, minor, along the Texas South-Eastern Railroad right of way. The accident occurred near the Blix station. Also included is a release of claims agreement between J. A. Thompson and the TSE for $250. The documents are dated March-April 1914.

Locomotive 10 Builder Specifications, 1911

The Baldwin Locomotive Works builder specifications for Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company/Southern Pine Lumber Company locomotive 10, a 4-6-0 ten wheeled type, dated 1911.

Locomotive 13 Builder Specificiations, 1920

The Baldwin Locomotive Works builder specifications for Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company/Southern Pine Lumber Company locomotive 13, a 4-6-0 ten wheeled type, dated 1920.

Locomotive 14 Builder Specifications, 1919

The Baldwin Locomotive Works builder specifications for Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company/Southern Pine Lumber Company locomotive 14, a 2-6-2 ten wheeled type, dated 1919.

R. M. Mayberry, 1911

This release of liability document describes R. M. Mayberry accepting $50 from the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company for injuries inflicted while driving piling for the TSE bridge across Boggy Slough on July 24, 1909. This document is dated October 3, 1911.

Railroad Commission of Texas Docket No. 4824-R

Railroad Commission of Texas Docket No. 4824-R documents the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company's application to discontinue passenger service over its main line, between Diboll and Vair and between Blix and Lufkin, Texas. Dated August 24, 1942.

Railroad Commission of Texas Docket No. 4824-R Testimony

This testimony transcript of Railroad Commission of Texas Docket No. 4824-R contains the testimony of the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company's C. A. Jordan, and W. H. Winchester of the Joint Legislative Board of Train Brotherhoods. The testimony argues for the TSE to discontinue passenger service over its main line between Diboll and Vair, and between Blix and Lufkin, Texas. Dated August 18, 1942.

Sale of Knox Lumber Company and Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway Company to Temple Lumber Company,

A memorandum of agreement between Hiram Knox and Lillian M. Knox and the Temple Lumber Company outlining the sale of Knox Lumber Company to Temple Lumber Company in 1921. Included in the sale is the Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway Company. This document describes all of the Knox sawmill and railroad property, notes on timber valuation, logging privileges, and notes payable. Also shown are the stockholders of Temple Lumber Company along with the respective number of shares owned.

Track Extension to Fairfield and Mexia, 1909

This collection of correspondence concerns extending the Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company tracks to Fairfield and Mexia, Texas. The letters are from Fairfield Industrial Club President W. H. Miller and the Young Men's Industrial Club of Mexia Secretary Blake Smith. They are addressed to T. L. L. Temple and J. E. Mitchell, both of the Southern Pine Lumber Company. All correspondence is dated from May-July, 1909.

Transfer of Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway Company stock to Temple Lumber Company Stockholders, 1

This set of correspondence concerns discussion of the transfer of Lufkin, Hemphill and Gulf Railway Company stock to the stockholders of Temple Lumber Company, dated 1928-1937. Also mentioned is the sale of Knox Lumber Company to Temple Lumber Company in 1921.

William H. Smith, 1910

This settlement documents docket number 2339 of the Angelina County District Court, William H. Smith v. Texas South-Eastern Railroad Company. Smith accepts $2,000 for injuries inflicted while employed by the railroad and agrees to release the railroad of future claims. The railroad agrees to drop its lawsuit against Smith and pay court fees. Dated November 2, 1910.

Texas South-Eastern Railroad Financial Records Collection, 1904-1964

.33 cubic feet (1 box)

This collection contains financial records of the Texas South-Eastern Railroad during the years 1904 to 1964. Chartered by T. L. L. Temple as a subsidiary of Southern Pine Lumber Company, the railroad, headquartered in Diboll, Texas, became the primary method of freight transportation for the East Texas Lumber Industry. Financial records included in this collection include check stubs, invoices, auditor’s records, and letters of credit.

Texas State Railroad Board of Managers Audit Papers, 1921-1952.

.25 cubic feet

This small collection of papers was assembled early in 1952 when Southern Pine Lumber Company considered purchasing the Texas State Railroad, which was then leased by the Texas & New Orleans Railroad Company (T&NO). At the heart of the collection is a twenty-nine page audit report for the years 1943-1950. The report begins by reviewing an earlier audit of the years 1921 to 1943 and provides a three page narrative history of the railroad’s construction and operation to 1950. Interestingly, the audit questions T&NO’s reported operational losses during the lease years. Also included in the papers is an itemized list of additions and retirements to track facilities made by T&NO between 1921 and 1951.

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Audit Report - Board of Managers - Texas State Railroad, September 1st, 1943 to August 31st, 1950

A 29-page bound audit report, which includes a review of an earlier audit for the years 1921 to 1943 and a three page narrative history of the railroad's construction and operation to 1950.

TexLam Photograph Collection

.25 cubic feet

This collection contains 144 photographs, 5 sheets of negatives, and 3 newspaper articles covering the history and development of TexLam, Inc.  and its products, building projects, and transportation needs during the first half of the 1960’s.  Originally based in Houston, TexLam moved its plant and headquarters to Diboll in 1961, becoming a fully owned Temple Industries subsidiary in 1964.

Thompson, Clyde Papers, 1934-1978.

92 cubic feet

Papers of Clyde Thompson, 61 year employee of the Temple Companies. He started work for Southern Pine Lumber Company in 1916 as a stenographer, then later gained responsibilities as the years passed. He held the titles of Purchasing Agent, Superintendent of Logging Operations, Vice President of the Forestry Division, and Director. He retired as Vice President and Director of Temple-Eastex in 1976. This collection consists of correspondence, employee compensation claims, financial records, payrolls, clippings, publications, reports, and logging records documenting Thompson’s career and logging operations in East Texas and Louisiana.

Thrailkill Family History Collection

1 album

This collection contains photographs and Harvey Harrison Thrailkill’s (1892-1947) memoir donated by his descendants.  He was a bricklayer and stonemason who worked in Oklahoma and East Texas during the first half of the 20th century and these photographs and memories document his life and career. 

Timber Type Maps of Angelina County Lumber Company for Southland Paper Mills, Inc.

.25 cubic feet (1 volume)

The Timber Type Maps of Angelina County Lumber Company for Southland Paper Mills, Inc. is a bound set of 86 maps showing timber types growing on surveys or grants owned by Angelina County Lumber Company in the following East Texas counties: Angelina, Jasper, Nacogdoches, Hardin, Liberty, Newton, Orange, Polk, San Augustine, Tyler, and Trinity. The map legends indicate that houses, schools, churches, roads, pipe lines, high tension lines, railroads, and fences, may be depicted as well. The surveys were created by C. D. Shy and Company of Memphis, Tennessee. They are undated but were probably created during the 1940s.

T. L. L.  Temple Memorial Library Collection

2 cubic feet

This collection consists primarily of books deaccessioned by the T. L. L. Temple Memorial Library, all focused on Texas history, and several awards and certificates received by the library. Also included are a few newspaper articles and photographs.

Tobin Aerial Surveys of East Texas Collection, 1930’s

88 surveys

Edgar Tobin Aerial Surveys is an aerial survey and mapping company based in San Antonio, Texas. The Edgar Tobin Aerial Survey Collection depicts the East Texas landscape during the 1930s, including the locations of oil and gas wells, cities, towns, railroad lines, canals, rivers, creeks, pipelines, railroad logging spurs, and logging scars. The surveys also show towns and settlements no longer in existence (mostly connected to the lumber industry), railroad lines that have been abandoned, and how East Texas appeared prior to most modern highways and the creation of Lake Sam Rayburn.