Finding Guides are tools that allow researchers to get an in-depth look at a collection before actually seeing the collection.

Finding Guides

Finding Guides are tools that allow researchers to get an in-depth look at a collection before actually seeing the collection. Not all collections have finding guides, and not all finding guides are available on the website. Finding guides are created as collections are processed, with special attention given to the most used and requested collections. Here are our online finding guides available so far.


Magcobar Photograph Collection, 1940s-1970s.

.25 cubic feet (1 box)

The Magcobar Photograph Collection consists of photographs and records relating to the Donovan family and the Magcobar clay plant in Zavalla, Texas. The photographs depict Allen T. Donovan, Bonnie Donovan, Richard Donovan, Vina Donovan, and Eva Berry Farley working at the plant or posing near digging equipment or clay pits. The non-pictorial materials document Zavalla plant history and other Magcobar facilities in Texas, Louisiana, and Canada.

Magill, Ralph Photograph Collection

.33 cubic feet

The Ralph Magill collection contains 37 photographs of his business Cash Drug #3, Diboll Lumberjack sports, and other events in Diboll. 

Mann Family Collection, c. 1907-1920.

.25 cubic feet (1 box)

Dr. D. A. Mann was a doctor in Diboll, Texas from roughly 1906-1917. This collection contains Mann family photographs focusing on D. A. Mann, his wife Alma Sturrock Mann, and children Bertha, Eunice, Eddith, and Mary.

Mann - Plummer - Carter Family Collection

1 cubic foot

Elizabeth Plummer Carter is the granddaughter of Southern Pine Lumber Company physician, Dr. David Aden Mann. Her mother, Bertha Mann Plummer, was a well-educated society woman and her father was a river pilot from Port Arthur, Texas named Captain Carlyle J. Plummer. Elizabeth attended Baylor University until 1945. She married William Lloyd Carter and moved to Tennessee where she remained until her death. This collection is comprised of both her and her mother’s college scrapbooks, photographs of the Mann and Plummer families, newspapers, and personal writings for the early half of the twentieth century.

McCall, Ina, Retirement Scrapbook, 1914-1955 (bulk 1955).

.5 cubic feet (2 boxes)

Ina Eret McCall, daughter of Daniel Bynum McCall, served as postmistress of Burke from September 21, 1914 to August 31, 1955. This collection consists of a scrapbook compiled and gifted to McCall by Nobie Cambell, containing letters concerning her retirement and career as postmistress and her impact on Burke, Texas.

McCall, Melissa Family Collection, 1923-1979

1.5 cubic feet

This collection consists of various records pertaining to the family of Melissa McCall. The bulk of the records relate to her great-grandparents, Augusta Caesar and Sara Divine “Viney” Massey Allen and their children. Also included are records from when Melissa was in high school in the 1970s. Of particular note are Sara Allen’s World War II Red Cross cap and time card, August Allen’s World War II draft card and ration books, and Nat Allen’s V-Mail from World War II.

McDonald, Archie P., Political Campaign Materials Collection, c. 1952-2002.

4.5 cubic feet (7 boxes, 1 oversize folder)

Dr. Archie P. McDonald is a professor of history and community liaison at Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. In the early 1950s he began collecting political campaign materials. This collection includes posters, bumper stickers, pins, ties, t-shirts, brochures, buttons, mugs, and other materials from presidential, congressional, state, and local campaigns from circa 1952-2002.

Memorial Hospital Collection

22 cubic ft.

Materials in this collection are a result of over one hundred years of lumber company interest in the timberlands of East Texas. RMS purchased remnants of large company lands in mostly Polk, Tyler, and Trinity counties in 2006 after years of real estate timberland consolidation and breakup. These lands were the last vestiges of two large corporations – Champion Paper and Fibre Company and Southland Paper Mills. As both of these companies acquired land, they created survey departments to ensure the integrity of their boundaries and kept the records for future use. This collection contains survey field books, monument books, and chain books, as well as survey records, indeed files, boundary and road easement files, and General Land Office maps and files. There is a series of files relating to land purchases by the W.T. Carter Company. Survey index cards and corner cards help tie together the field books, surveys, and maps. Index map books contain references to surveyed lands and refer to field book pages. The extensive collection of rolled maps is unprocessed as of July 2021 but an archivist can provide access.

Minton, Robert E., Papers, 1920-1949, bulk 1925-1930.

4 cubic feet (4 boxes)

Robert E. Minton was an Angelina County lawyer and general counsel for the Southern Pine Lumber Company of Diboll, Texas, later called Temple Industries. This collection contains legal case files concerning East Texas timber rights and land ownership involving Temple Lumber Company, Southern Pine Lumber Company, Houston Oil Company, Knox Lumber Company, Kirby Lumber Company, and others.

Monk, John Owens-Illinois Collection, 1980’s

2 cubic feet

The bulk of this collection contains Owens-Illinois records Mr. Monk collected during Temple Inland’s acquisition of over 250 thousand acres of Owens Illinois timberlands in Louisiana in 1986.  These ownership maps, statements, reports and summaries pre-date the acquisition.  Mr. Monk and his colleagues used these records during the acquisition period and after as records of ownership and forest management.

Morrison, Jay, East Texas Railroad Photographs, 1914-2003.

2 cubic feet (approx. 736 photographs, also 14 artifacts)

William Jackson Morrison, better known as "Mr. Jay," was an engineer for the Moscow, Camden and San Augustine Railroad and the Angelina and Neches River Railroad, and was a lifelong railroad enthusiast. This collection of photographs depicts several East Texas railroads associated with the lumber industry, most notably the Moscow, Camden and San Augustine Railroad, the Angelina and Neches River Railroad, the Texas South-Eastern Railroad, and the Texas State Railroad among others.

Munz, Georgie Temple, Collection, c. 1910s-1977.

2.5 cubic feet (5 boxes)

Georgie Temple Munz was the last surviving child of Southern Pine Lumber Company founder Thomas L. L. Temple, and the person who created the T. L. L. Temple Foundation. This collection consists of photographs, correspondence, financial records, blueprints, and maps that provides insight into Mrs. Munz's life, her daughters Mary and Martha, Christian Science, and the Temple family.

Munz, Mary, Collection, c. 1900-2003.

3.25 cubic feet (5 boxes)

Born on August 4, 1923, Mary Munz was the daughter of Georgie Temple and Harry Munz, and granddaughter of T. L. L. Temple. This collection contains a variety of personal items of Munz and the Temple family, as well as records relating to Munz's care.