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The Diboll Garden Club 1960-2020

The Diboll Garden Club 1960-2020

In April 2020, the Diboll Garden Club celebrates their 60th anniversary and The History Center is happy to help them commemorate this milestone with this online exhibit.

On April 22, 1960, nine Diboll women met in the home of Marge Shepherd to organize the Diboll Garden Club. The women elected Mrs. Shepherd as Chairman Pro Tem and agreed to meet again with prospective members at the Pine Bough restaurant the next month. At the first official meeting, members elected Marge Shepherd as President, Eloise Hanks as Vice President, and Pearl Hoot as Secretary-Treasurer. According to a club history written in the 1990’s, charter members included Alice Dale, Maggie Donahoe, Beth Denman, Jimmie Beth Durham, Janice Fulmer, Gertie MaeLawrence, Pris Magill, Helen McGee, Ruth McMullen, VirginiaNelson, Viola Smith, Teresa Neville, Esther Weber, Pearl Ramsey, Molly Jo Temple, Flava Vaughn, and Carolyn Wood.

Through its history, the Diboll Garden Club has organized projects to promote the beautification of the city, its homes, and its gardens, and promote conservation. Some of their projects have included landscaping around school campuses and city buildings and road medians, beatifying parks, and working with the local nursing home to provide landscaping and benches. The club promoted and organized Arbor Day celebrations, helped plant trees to celebrate the Bicentennial, raised money for the library, and for many years club members created hanging baskets for the road median light poles and decorated them for Christmas. They also decorate the Diboll Day Queen parade float and a club float every two years. The club sponsors a “Yard Beautiful” contest each summer. The city’s designation as a “Tree City USA” and a bird sanctuary is due in large part to the hard work of the Diboll Garden Club’s members.

The Diboll Garden Club is still an active organization that continues to work for the beatification of the city and the edification of its members.