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Southern Pine Lumber Company Photographs of Locomotives 13 and 20 (A. E. Brown Collection)

The images presented here are scans made from noted railroad photographer A. E. Brown’s original 4x5 inch negatives, which Louis Saillard of Shreveport, Louisiana, donated to The History Center in 2002. The photographs were made during the 1950’s, probably no earlier than 1956, the year that Southern Pine Lumber Company and Temple Lumber Company merged under the Southern Pine Lumber Company name. (Note the photos of former Temple Lumber Company locomotive number 20 show “S.P.L. CO.” markings on the cab). The photos of Engine 13 were made in and around Diboll and Lufkin, while the photos of Engine 20 were made in and around Pineland. Most of the photos show the locomotives in live railroad logging action. More information about A. E. Brown and the photograph collection can be found in our A. E. Brown’s Photographs of Southern Pine Lumber Company Locomotives finding guide, accessible under the B headings on our Finding Guides webpage.

1 Engine 13 color

2 Engine 13 color

3 Engine 13 color

4 Engine 13 color

5 Engine 13

6 Engine 13

7 Engine 13

8 Engine 13

9 Engine 13

10 Engine 13

11 Engine 13

12 Engine 20 Pushing Logs

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