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Slat Schoolhouse and Students, 1904

Slat Schoolhouse and Students, 1904

Slat School house: 1. Martha Grimes, 2. Jane Grimes, 3. Velma Grimes, 4. Barbara Johnson, 5. Letha Capps, 6. Bell Capps, 7. Tom Capps, 8. Luther Strain, 9. Bill Capps, 10. Calvin Crimes, 11. Henry Grimes, 12. Teacher A. P. Burris, 13. Jennie Havard
14. Mary Grimes, 15. Willie Greg, 16. Alice Cannon, 17. Annie Canon, 18. Verna Havard
19. Martha Havard, 20. Ephie Jeffery 
21. Mary Havard, 22. Willie Havard, 23. Jennie Myers