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Esther Pennington Ramsey Correspondence, 1895-1959

Esther Queen Pennington Ramsey was born on December 14, 1888 in Brenham, Washington County, Texas and lived most of her life in Shelby County, Texas. She married William Yancy Ramsey on June 16, 1906 and they had six children. Mrs. Ramsey died on November 30, 1972 in Center, Texas and is buried in the Shady Grove Cemetery in Shelby County. Throughout her life, Mrs. Ramsey kept correspondence from her family and friends. This collection contains nearly 800 documents and letters. While the majority of these items were written to Esther, not by Esther, they are a window into the life of a Shelby County woman and her family during the beginning of the 20th century, a pivotal time in the history of the United States and a time of great change in rural East Texas.

Warranty Deed, October 31, 1892

Warranty Deed, November 30, 1892

Poem by Esther Pennington, May 17, 1895

Tax Receipt, January 25, 1900

Warranty Deed, March 19, 1901

Esther Pennington's Scripture Copy Work

Tax Receipt, January 13, 1902

Letter from Aunt, March 22, 1902

Letter from Mother, May 11, 1902

Letter from parent, August 3, 1902

Letter from Aunt, September 26, 1902

Letter from Miss Dorrie Danford, November 1902

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