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Temple Lumber Company Portraits of Pineland Managers, 1948

Pineland Managers, 1948

Lewis Bell, Machine Shop Foreman

Sherwood Burch, Store Manager

Guy C. Cammack, Sawyer

Arthur Carl, Druggist

John H. Coody, DIM. Rough Mill Foreman

Jarrett Cook, Pine Carline Foreman

Dave Dainwood, Dwellings Foreman

Harvey Elam, Lath Mill Foreman

Herman E. Gayer, Timber Buyer

R. G. Goodrich, Manager, Land & Timber

Joe Hawthorn, Foreman, Graders

W. B. Hayes, Saw Filer

John E. Hines, Plant Construction Foreman

Pratt Hines, Shipping Clerk

Leon Hughes, Sawyer

Ellis B. Jacks, DIM. Shipping Foreman

Thomas R. Jones M. D., Company Doctor

E. F. McDonald, Market Manager

Jason Morris, DIM. Finish Foreman

Joe Pierce, Sawyer

Joe Pollard, Supt. Logging

Eck G. Prud'Homme, Division Manager

R. S. Rasbury, Supt. Flooring

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