We are in the process of digitizing many of our collections and have decided to make some of them available to view and download online. Please check back often as we add to the online collection of digital resources.

Collections » Lufkin Industries

Lufkin Gears Catalogs and Bulletins, 1950s and 1980s

Lufkin Gears Buying Guide 1956

Lufkin Gears Brochure 2C82

Lufkin Spiral Bevel Gear Speed Reducers Instructions

Lufkin Double Reduction Spiral Bevel Gear Reducers Type DVB

Lufkin Spiral Bevel Gear Reducers

Lufkin Elevating Gear System

Lufkin Gears for the World of Rubber Mixers Brochure

Lufkin Gears Introduces N-D Line High Speed Gear Units

Lufkin Gear Testing Assures Outstanding Performance Catalog

Lufkin High Speed Gear Drives Catalog

Lufkin Gears Catalog: Reliable, Efficient Performance for Power Generation

Lufkin Gears Petro Hydraulic Lift System

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